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How to install Love Plus Every

Warning DO NOT Uninstall or ReInstall a game before you link Account if not... it gone forever

For Android

There is Two way to install a game on Android is

  1. Google Play Store Require Japan VPN to access this Then After you finish this method you will no longer need Japan VPN to update a game anymore
  2. QooappThat can allow you to install with Qooapp service.
    But Install a Love Plus Every using Qooapp Service with make a Good Play Game service can't link to a Love Plus Every Game. But you can use Konami ID from Konami And Don't delete a game or Reinstall a game until you finish link your account with any method. If not. it gone... forever

We recommend to Install with Google play store for a reason here

  • Can't get "Google Play Achievement" If you using Qooapp to install a game
  • Update a game faster then Qooapp (because Original Source)
  • Can't Link Love Plus Every Game Save with Google Play ID But you can use Konami ID instead
  • Download a game with VPN is "Only Once" After that is No need (Can be use with other game too.)

How to "Step-by-Step"

1.) Install OpenVPN Connect (Play Store) And Japan OpenVPN Profile from VPNGate

Here example.


2.) After you finish. Open an "OpenVPN Connect" app and Import a Profile that you download

3.) Connect to Japan VPN and open "Play Store" with "Settings" Do a [Force Stop] and [Clear Data]Then Open a Google Play Store

4.) If successful you will see a Japanese Game on Google Play Store OR open Love Plus Every Play Store It will go to Love Plus Every Play store Page

4.5) If not found or still can't download a game. Because of Your Google Play Store account Link with your country payment already. We recommend to "Register your new account with JapanVPN" or "Use Another Account that doesn't have link any payment before" and use it to access Japan Play Store

5.) After you install a game You now can use to link/login with Your Main "Google Pay Game Account" (If you have multi-account Google Play Game will show you to which one you want to link with) Or Use Konami ID Too

5.1) But if you use Qooapp. Only Konami ID will be the only method that can Link your game account

All of Sound+Audio Setting, Framerate, Image from Camera will not come with. Please ReSetting it or Backup your Image by yourself.

NOTE: If you Link account more then LIMITED You will need to wait next month to make a system reset a link point

For iOS

TBC Soon